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Build your MVP wisely, quickly and efficiently.

We respect your time and money. We strive to understand your idea, vision, company, industry and your market competition. We attach great importance to determining the profile of the users of your product and to create a list of functionality that will distinguish your product from other available on the market.

According to your budget, we are preparing plans to develop and implement the product on the market. We are concerned about our customers – in the early stage we are strongly committed to creating a common vision that will shape our goal and ultimately shape our product. We do all this before you can invest your time and resources into costly developing phase. We want to limit the risk of your investment by understanding that creating IT products is an expensive and time consuming process that can quickly take over your budget. If you want to invest in products, you have to make sure that the investment is worth it and that the final product will bring you a measurable return.

Thanks to the well-prepared UI / UX process, we help you validate your idea at an early stage, even before writing a line of code. This way, you can almost see and touch your product before the production process is over.




Understanding and defining the problem to which our product answers can help determine the clear and solid direction of our work. That is why we are firmly in the constant question of “why?”. We ask, drill, we strive. We want to understand exactly what needs the product is about, what is its mission, purpose, for whom it is created, when it will be used. We are not resting only on a raw brainstorm. We accurately analyze the performance of your competition to better understand your industry and its needs. Thanks to this, we can suggest a direction of action that will bring out your idea and give it a useful value.


We design good user experience! Yes, it’s not a mistake. We know that the success of our product largely depends on the perceptions that users have when using the app and the site. The impression left by our product has a direct impact on its reception, rating and number of users. It’s up to the UX to decide whether or not the user decides to add our app to the favorites list, or if he first ejects it into the trash.

We want our products to provide positive experiences to easily conduct the user through the selected processes, without having to take a break from doing so. Nothing is as annoying as the search for camouflaged items on the page or in the app, where they should be accurately displayed. We are precisely aware of the needs and expectations of the future user, using.

User Stories

Based on the product requirements documentation, we create User stories. Together, we set priorities by setting the most essential functionalities for you on the top of the list. Our work on the project gives us a rhythm that will enable us to deliver the most important functionality in the shortest possible time. From the beginning, we set out to clarify the terms and conditions so that you are aware of which project elements can cost you the most in the development phase. This stage concludes with a clear definition of the requirements for the entire project and the choice of functionality that will be implemented into the product.


We do not act blindly. Before we begin to style the interface, we want to make sure that the final product will be the exact answer to your needs, that it will be functional, easy to use, aesthetical and engaging. By creating a wireframe, a mock of pages and applications, we can plan the customer journey. At this stage, we can present you with the exact architecture of the application, including the placement of key elements such as content, buttons, images, logos, icons, etc. What is important, this stage allows us to perform product usability tests and improve possible weak points.


When we reach this stage, we already know a lot about the product to be created, about the task to be performed and the needs of the users to respond to. We already know your competition and we know we can offer you better solutions. Now, the most pleasant part of our work is going on – designers come to the game who use proven solutions on the basis of experience. Your product is finally getting real shape, gaining its individual style and character oriented towards the needs of your target audience and consistent with your visual identity.


When the interface takes the final cut and becomes a ready-to-go product, you can present it to your customers or investors to gather feedback and tips. Especially for you, we have prepared tools to help you through the product review process. At this stage you have the ability to send whether on the phone or tablet clickable concept that you can discuss during the presentation with customers. This concept is created without the use of a code line, which lowers the cost of running the entire project. Efficient investor pitching will help you leverage resources to grow your product, and precisely prepared motion of the application, allows front- end developers to better understand what effect they will have.


Because in our daily work we work with developers, we know their rhythm well. We know how to prepare files to make it as easy as possible for them to work. The documentation of our projects provides a clear and clear description of all style guides. This will save you hours of work for developers, which will translate into real savings. In our work we use a professional interface design tool, Sketch, which allows you to easily export CSS files, objects, fonts or icons.

Szymon Węsierski

Szymon Węsierski


Simon built his experience by leading over 100 creative projects. Together with the Efekt Agency is looking for business value for customers through design.

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